About Roughcut..

Everything is handmade..

Any item that we release on Roughcut Is completely handmade, if you purchase anything on our store you are buying into the story of Roughcut. We strive to stay away from the mass produced factory way of doing things. We believe that hand cutting, stitching and fur-filling each item is important. Not one item on our store is the same, each pair of jeans has a slightly different patchwork, every Cut & Sew T shirt has a slightly different cut and image placement. The item you are receiving is one of a kind, and specifically manufactured for you!
Manufacturing & Shipping..

All our items can be shipped worldwide, everything in manufactured in England but can be sent across the globe. 

Shipping Info:

Everything is handcrafted (by @garmgoblin on instagram) if you're planning on ordering anything please allow the respected time to craft and ship your order. If you are curious about what stage your order is on after purchasing please message us on instagram with your order number!

Everything is sent 2nd class tracked by Royal Mail, if you are after 1st class please email us before purchasing - roughcutofficial@gmail.com

Returns or exchanges:

After purchasing all sales are final, no refunds will be given. If you feel like you have received an order with a defect/ the wrong size - contact us via email or instagram and we can solve this by swapping your item!

If you have anymore questions regarding production time/ shipping feel free to contact us before buying.

Any support given is appreciated. ALWAYS!



Garmgoblin Figurine Collection 001

Months in the making, let me introduce you to the first two Garmgoblin Figurines released into the UNIVERSE. Jump into the world of GG and take a trip back in history to different timefames and centuries. Exploring forgotten paintings & different mediums of artwork.

Where will Garmgoblin Travel to in Collection 002?

  • Artefact 001 - Packaging Design

    Designed by @Amsy_Creates

  • Artefact 002 - Packaging Design

    Designed by @Amsy_Creates