Make your own garments...

Custom Garments are something I've been doing for a while now, I am a designer and specifically I want to make clothes for you! If you're tired of buying the same shit from the same companies. HMU. 
Hit me with a concept, Ive thrown my email details below or, you can message me  @roughcutofficial.


Garmgoblin Figurine Collection 001

Months in the making, let me introduce you to the first two Garmgoblin Figurines released into the UNIVERSE. Jump into the world of GG and take a trip back in history to different timefames and centuries. Exploring forgotten paintings & different mediums of artwork.

Where will Garmgoblin Travel to in Collection 002?

  • Artefact 001 - Packaging Design

    Designed by @Amsy_Creates

  • Artefact 002 - Packaging Design

    Designed by @Amsy_Creates