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"A City Of Fantasy" Full Printed Balaclava

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Simple Item that Makes a Big Statement... 

- Plush Velvet

- Small & Larger fits

Artwork by: Recorded as from Boston. (John's Antiques, city unknown), by whom sold in 1954 to Edgar William and Bernice Chrysler Garbisch

Plush Velvet is Shown In Images & Media...

Unsure about Small, Medium or Large: Measure the diameter of your forehead, 22" or below is Small - Anything above 22" Will be Large & Medium is a middle ground between the two (Average Sized Head) Crushed Velour has a bit more stretch then Plush Velvet. Still unsure? Message us on instagram...

Everything is handcrafted (by @garmgoblin on instagram) if you're planning on ordering anything please allow the respected time to craft and ship your order. If you are curious about what stage your order is on after purchasing please message us on instagram with your order number!

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