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"California Gold Rush" Artefact 002 Figurine 1/1

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Artefact 002 | Collection 001 | 

- Full Handmade Cut & Sewn Denim Patchwork Outfit - Inc: Plush Velvet Hood Lined Jacket, Patchwork Trousers

- Hand Drawn Comic Strip, Designed by @badlord_magazine

- Packaging Completely Handmade

Honestly what more can I say about this item, I would probably say these figurines are the proudest I've been on a creation/ project in a long time. Months have been spent perfecting the figures, packaging, comic strip, clothing, storyline etc etc. 

Each collection follows the Universe Timeline. As time goes on Garmgoblin will encounter different Characters, Villains and Explore new Eras and places. Where will Garmgoblin explore next?

Each Figurine comes with a Comic Strip (A3)… With written text on the backstory for the artefact.

Designed by: @roughcutofficial & @amsycreates