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Full Screen Printed Renaissance T Shirt

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  • Fully Hand Screen Printed

  • 2 Colours

  • Premium Blanks

  • True To SIZE

“These genuinely turned out exactly how I wanted them to. Probably one of my favourite items to DATE, I want these to be super easily excisable to you guys. For the people who cant drop £400+ on a jacket etc. Obviously these are going to be done in small releases as I cant physically make hundreds. However.. I am down to make a fair few because they’re cool af & I want you guys to have one.”



All garments are handcrafted by @garmgoblin on instagram. Please allow respected time for construction. Especially these. Ill be doing all these prints at once. So expect them to be done around the same time as someone elses. It can take up to a few weeks. If you’re curios about the status of your order please message @roughcutofficial with your order number. Thankyou