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Roughcut Acrylic Minds x Roughcut First Print Run

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These are not PERFECT. 

This is my first Run of screen printed T-Shirts, I am learning this is like a new craft to me. Some may say why don’t you focus on making that first perfect run of T-shirts then sell them? But I showcase the whole process to you guys in everything I do. This is part of that. If you don’t wanna purchase due to them not being perfectly printed, don’t buy em. 

These are for the mf who care about the archives. Support me for years to come & wanna have that first initial thing I made on this machine. 

The defected ones are the ones which would be a clear reprint. Again they’re completely wearable and you can tell what it says etc. THERE ARE 3 OF THESE. 

The Normal Stock have a few minor minor defects. THERE ARE 5 OF THESE.


Pit to Pit: 23”

Neck to Waist: 31”

It’s an XL true to Size